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Rights & Responsibilities for Rebecca J. Hubbard PLLC


Rights & Responsibilities

When you receive services at Rebecca J. Hubbard, PLLC you have certain rights and responsibilities. This section will tell you about your rights and responsibilities and will tell you what to do if you have questions or problems regarding those rights and responsibilities. We are committed to respecting your rights and facilitating your understanding of your responsibilities as a partner in the treatment process.

Your Rights:

You have the right to dignity, privacy, humane care, freedom from discrimination of any kind, physical punishment, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

 You have a right to live as normally as possible, while receiving care and treatment at Rebecca J. Hubbard, PLLC.

 You have a right to receive high quality care, services, and treatment based on a plan written especially for you. The plan must be implemented by the second therapy appointment and it should help you to regain or increase your level of functioning.

 Before you agree to you treatment plan, you will be informed of the benefits or risk involved in the services you will receive. You may receive a copy of your treatment plan upon request.

 While you are receiving services at Rebecca J. Hubbard, PLLC, you have a right to be free from unnecessary or excessive medication of any kind. You have a right to not have medication used as a punishment, for discipline, or for the convenience of staff. Rebecca J. Hubbard, PLLC does not provide medication management.

 You cannot be treated with electric shock therapy, experimental drugs or procedures without your written permission. Rebecca J. Hubbard, PLLC does not provide these services.

 If you have asked to receive services, you always have the right to agree to or refuse any specific treatment. The ONLY time you can be treated without your consent is: in an emergency; if your treatment has been ordered by the court; when more than one professional agrees that you need that specific treatment in order to improve your condition; to prevent harm to yourself or others.

 Physical restraints or seclusion may not be used by Rebecca J. Hubbard, PLLC The fact that you are receiving services, or any other information about your care, is confidential. You have a right to see the information in your record, unless more than one professional determines that it would be harmful for you to see it.

 In general, under state and federal laws, no one can share information with another about the services you receive. These same laws, however, require us to share information with others about you under the following conditions:

1.     Your next of kin may be informed that you are a client if it is in your  best interest and not considered to be harmful to you

2.     With your permission, your next of kin, or a family member with a legitimate role in your service, or another person who you name may be given information about your care;

3.     If there have been serious, life threatening threats made against another person or abuse or neglect of a child or elderly person.

Prior to or at the time of your initial appointment, you will be made aware of the services available, and the costs of those services.

Appeals to any changes in services/Customer complaints:

You have a right to appeal any changes to the services you already receive or any services your service provider has requested you receive.

We strive to resolve complaints as quickly as possible. If, however, you are unable to resolve your matter with us, below are additional resources that are available to you. You may file a complaint at any time.

 Texas State Board of Examiners of Licensed Professional Counselors, Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists

Complaints Management and Investigative Section

P.O. Box 141369

Austin, Texas 78714-1139


 Your Responsibilities:

You have the responsibility to provide as much information as possible about your health, and medical history.

 It is your responsibility to pay your bill in full at each appointment. If you are having financial difficulty, it is your responsibility to notify us so that arrangements can be considered.

 It is your responsibility to tell us about any other care you are receiving and about medicines you are taking. Typically, clients receiving enhanced mental health services (such as Intensive In Home or Day Treatment Services) are not eligible for outpatient therapy at the same time.

 Please bring all bottles of medicine you are taking now to the first visit with our clinician(s), and update us about any medication changes your doctor makes while you are receiving services here.

 You have the responsibility to keep appointments and follow through with service plan responsibilities that are a part of the plan for your care. Please call us as soon as you know you cannot keep an appointment, and we will reschedule. 

 Rebecca J. Hubbard, PLLC charges the same fee for a kept appointment as for appointments that are canceled with less than a 24 hours notice. If you decide to withdrawal or discontinue treatment you must notify us of your decision. Doing so will prevent you from incurring no show fees for your appointments.

 It is your responsibility to tell us if any personal demographic information for you changes, such as name, address, or telephone number.  We also need to know who to contact in case there is an emergency. 

 It is your responsibility to treat staff and others here with respect and consideration.  You are also responsible for respecting other clients’ rights and their confidentiality.

 You must not bring weapons, illegal drugs, or alcohol here.  You are responsible for making sure that people who come here with you do not bring these items either.

 You are not allowed to bring visitors to sessions or family pets. The only individuals that are appropriate to be on the premises are you and anyone who is receiving services with you.

 If there is an emergency with an equine that is participating in your treatment, you will be expected to leave immediately. 

 You will receive a copy of these rights and responsibilities at your first appointment. Please refer back to this section as needed.